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Simple Website Blocker was designed as an attempt to provide system administrators with a simple means of blocking access to any website.
Simple Website Blocker can also work in favor of parents who need to restrict access to social or gaming services in order to prevent children from wasting time online.
The first thing to be noted is that Simple Website Blocker is able to block not only one webpage, but several, for that matter. In fact, access can be restricted to an entire list of websites defined by the user.
Moreover, there’s no limit to the number of addresses that can be added to the list; unblocking items is also possible if you decide to lift the restrictions on some of the websites in the list.
Each of the blocked addresses will be shown alongside the date and time they were added in the list. This way, you can tell how much time has passed since you put an embargo on a certain domain.
Another advantage of Simple Website Blocker is that it will pay the expected results on any browser installed on the system, be it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or others.
On the downside, we noticed its inability to block subdomains of an address. For instance, if the restricted domain is, the limitation won’t work on a subdomain of its address – let’s say, for the sake of argument.
Another shortcoming, is, in our opinion, the lack of a password protection feature for the main application. This would have been a major advantage, because access to the block list is granted to anyone as long as the application isn’t protected in any way.
The list of upsides and downsides is balanced, so to say, but we would have been glad to encounter a higher degree of a security for an application that restricts resources.







Simple Website Blocker Download X64 [Updated]

Simple Website Blocker Cracked 2022 Latest Version restricts access to websites. It allows you to create lists of websites, and the program will limit access to the websites contained in the list.

Simple Website Blocker Crack Mac Features:
Simple Website Blocker is a useful tool that helps to block access to specific websites. You can create a list with your favorite sites, and access to them will be restricted. The restriction is configured to prevent opening web pages, applications and installing software.

Using this program, you can keep kids away from websites. The program will show you, when the time comes, how much time the child has had since you blocked access to the website.

At the same time, the program will show you who is trying to open the website. Moreover, you can block multiple domains at once.

Using Simple Website Blocker’s lists, you can block individual sites or many sites. The block list may be personal or general. Simple Website Blocker lets you to create different types of blocks:

• General blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of domains.
• Personal blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the logged in user.
• Child blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the registered child.
• Work blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user at work.
• Vacation blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user on vacation.
• Sports blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user during a sport match.
• Educational blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user during school time.
• Social blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user during social activities.
• Gaming blocks: the program allows blocking access to a list of sites for the user during gaming.

Easy to use, Simple Website Blocker is a useful tool that will help you keep your family safe and to protect your kids from being distracted by the digital world.

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Simple Website Blocker Crack Free [Latest]

Simple Website Blocker For Windows 10 Crack is a small portable tool for Windows that allows you to block websites.

It’s rather simple to use.

You will be prompted with a question about the program’s installation if you try to start it for the first time

The program comes with preset lists of website addresses that you can add or remove at any time

You can also add URLs to the list manually

Another neat feature is the ability to block a domain instead of a website

Simple Website Blocker Torrent Download can block access to multiple addresses

In addition, a kill switch will help you to regain access to the blocked list in case of any bugs

Besides the free version of Simple Website Blocker, the software developer offers the paid edition as well, which permits you to block websites over the Internet. To this end, you will have to purchase a license key for the size of your choice. After that, you will be able to use the paid version of the software. The paid edition is also supported on all Windows versions that go back to Windows XP.

As mentioned earlier, there is a free version of Simple Website Blocker. It comes with a limited number of websites that can be blocked and it’s supported only on the Windows 7 and Windows 8. Also, its capacities do not exceed that of the free edition. This implies that you will not be able to add addresses to the list or remove websites.

To be able to block more than five websites, you will have to use the paid version of the software.

The paid edition does not limit the number of websites that can be blocked, but it does limit access to them.

The paid version also does not restrict the number of websites that you can add to the blocked list. However, you will only be able to add a single address of each type.

Installing the software is straightforward

The installer has a very user-friendly design. By that, we mean that it will be simple for a novice to use the software without encountering any problems. In fact, you don’t need to type in any commands to complete the installation. This is done automatically.

The software comes with a uninstaller as well.

The software lets you add websites and customize the way you can block them. You will be prompted with a question before adding a website or a domain to the list if the software is already installed on the computer.

The blocklist is

Simple Website Blocker Keygen Full Version

An application used to restrict access to websites, easily, and to any other host address where you feel the need to be.
The app is developed in Java. It also runs in Mac OS X and Windows.
Installation is done quickly and easily via the file provided by the author.
Simple Website Blocker Verdict:
The application is easy to use, but its functionality is still in need of development. Overall, it’s a very convenient application, but most of all, it just doesn’t do enough to stop users from bypassing its countermeasures.Q:

How to properly create a tag to tag to the “readonly” element tag using XSLT?

I have a source XML file to transform using XSLT:



What’s New in the Simple Website Blocker?

Simple Website Blocker is an application that was designed to help users with restrictions on websites, thus creating an alternative to parental control solutions designed to restrict access to the Internet. With this tool you can block the access to any website or a selection of websites.
Using the application you can block an entire website or a group of websites, all of them displayed on a single interface.
In addition, you can easily add addresses to the list of blocked websites and then disable access to them if the restrictions on the website in question turn out to be useless. You can also choose to unblock one or more of the addresses if need be.
Simple Website Blocker has been designed as a perfect application for users with restrictions on websites. You can easily block access to all of the most popular and useful services.
Simple Website Blocker also provides the ability to create blocked domains, thus creating an alternative to parental control software that restricts access to websites.
Simple Website Blocker will work on all browsers and operating systems. You will also be pleased to know that it requires no installation and does not leave any traces on the system.
The whole process of blocking access to an address takes a matter of seconds!

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System Requirements For Simple Website Blocker:

PC specs –
Minimum specs:
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8 Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon, or Core i3
Memory: 128MB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0
DirectX: 9.0
Hard Drive: 32MB free space
Additional: Installation DVD
Supported settings:
NOTE: These settings are for the full game, not the alpha build. If you want the alpha settings

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