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Ulead Photo Express 6 Activation Code Full 14l

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Ulead Photo Express 6 Activation Code Full 14l,The present invention relates to a process for preparing polyamides. More particularly, the present invention relates to a process for preparing polyamides by using a specific catalyst composition containing, as an essential component, a specific.alpha.-olefin polymer which has been obtained from.alpha.-olefin having 2 to 12 carbon atoms per molecule.
It is known that polyamides can be obtained by polymerizing amine compounds and carboxylic acid compounds with or without a polyamide forming comonomer. Such polyamides are utilized, for example, in the fields of engineering plastics, coating materials, tire materials, films, fibers, packaging materials, etc.
There are various processes for producing polyamides, one of which is the direct process. The direct process comprises polymerizing a compound obtained by reacting a diamine and a dicarboxylic acid. However, when this direct process is practiced, an excessive amount of by-products are formed. Particularly, when the diamine and the dicarboxylic acid are poor in reactivity, the formed product contains a large amount of such by-products. Further, when the diamine and the dicarboxylic acid have a higher reactivity, the formed polymer contains a larger amount of by-products. As a result, the resulting polyamide is poor in transparency and low in heat resistance. Therefore, the conventional direct polyamide preparation process has various problems. In this connection, various attempts have been made to improve the polymerization reaction efficiency. However, none of the attempts has heretofore been able to lead to a complete solution. In recent years, it has been desired to improve the above described problems in the art.�状不符
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