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The first version of AutoCAD, a version 1.0 for the Apple II series of computers, was initially a comprehensive system for creating, editing, and printing technical drawings. However, from the start of AutoCAD’s commercial release, it was improved and expanded to meet the demands of many different industries, applications, and markets, and it now supports specialized CAD operations in a variety of fields.

AutoCAD became the world’s best-selling CAD application by the time it was introduced in 1986, with more than 500,000 copies in use. It has since been the standard-setting CAD program in the world, with around 9 million copies sold in 2015. It remains the most widely used commercial CAD program. AutoCAD grew steadily in size and complexity for the first few years, but has since developed a stable and compact architecture. It’s frequently refreshed with new features and expansions, in an effort to keep it relevant, and the program is constantly updated to support modern technology.

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AutoCAD from Autodesk was launched in December 1982 as a desktop application for Apple II and Microsoft Windows computers. Its original design was meant to be a comprehensive drafting system, and it therefore included many features considered necessary in a commercial CAD program at the time. It included all the functionality of a CAD package including drafting tools, presentation tools, and engineering tools.

AutoCAD’s basic functionality was enhanced to meet the demands of different industries, applications, and markets, and it now supports specialized CAD operations in a variety of fields. At its launch, it was the first successful desktop CAD application that was affordable enough for users to own and operate on their desktop. AutoCAD became the world’s most-used CAD software and the first-most popular desktop CAD application by the time it was introduced. It’s been the standard-setting CAD program for the world’s most-recognizable brands, and it was the first CAD application that gained wide-spread adoption by various industries and professions.

AutoCAD was first released to the public in the United States in 1986 for $999. Users could download it free for 30 days, or pay $299 for a perpetual license. Its price was lowered to $599 in 1988, and it was relaunched as AutoCAD LT in 1989. AutoCAD later also included an optional perpetual evaluation license for $299.95 and the AutoCAD Training and Development Edition, which included all software components for the same

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AutoLISP provides AutoCAD with several functions:
executing a macro from the command line
managing drawings
generating a drawing from the command line
creating and manipulating layers
modifying and saving drawings
selecting objects from a drawing
creating and modifying parameters
saving and loading drawings and macros
automatically generating submittals
creating reports

Visual LISP allows users to write scripts using VBA

Application programming interface (API) features in Autodesk Design and Construction, including functionality for dynamic storage, dynamic creation, dynamic saving, dynamic loading, dynamic filtering, dynamic edition, dynamic structure, dynamic viewer, and dynamic parameters

.NET features support a version of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that uses the Microsoft.NET Framework class library, as well as scripting with the Excel object model.

Macro’s or Visual LISP code is used to create a toolbox, which is a collection of user interface elements that can be used to control a macro or a tool. A toolbox typically contains a command, a control, and a tab page, which display the tool, the controls associated with that tool, and a tab page containing additional commands or controls related to that tool.

AutoCAD used ObjectARX as its main programming language. ObjectARX is a Java-like programming language, used for developing add-on applications for AutoCAD. AutoCAD Architecture has been developed with ObjectARX since 1999. AutoCAD Electrical has also used ObjectARX as its programming language since the release of AutoCAD Electrical 10.0.

ObjectARX is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

A programming language that can be used to build add-on programs for AutoCAD is AutoLISP.

See also
List of AutoLISP implementation


External links

Official AutoCAD website
AutoCAD scripting language guide

Category:AutoCAD add-ons
Category:C++ libraries
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The present invention relates to an integrated processing system having a plurality of channels and an integrated engine for controlling the individual channels.
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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Add custom lines and shapes to your drawings, and keep your drawing clean and organized using the Markup function.

Quickly replace a default color scheme with a custom scheme. The new Markup Assist option will save you time when you want to quickly and easily create a new color scheme or modify an existing one.

View and edit multicolored model markers easily and more accurately. The new Markup Assistant in the View Markups tool will place and link together the colors in the model markers according to the selected marker style.

Live Edit:

Import shapes created in other applications into the drawing. You can now drag and drop a 3D model directly from other applications into your drawing.


Create and edit models of various objects and assemblies directly in the Help window. This greatly enhances the ability to visualize and solve problems. (video: 1:15 min.)

Image Matching and Image Recognition:

Use the auto-detection feature to import and link images together. Images in the drawing can be recognized with a simple command, using the image’s name, text, or image size to automatically match and link images.

Use the new feature Image Matching to automatically create and align images in other programs to images in the drawing.

Use the new Feature Recognition feature to recognize objects in your drawings and images, and then easily link, match, or copy them into the drawing.

Save and load drawings from memory. Save your drawings in the drawing’s memory as new objects, or as linked images. (video: 2:00 min.)

Import CAD geometry from other CAD formats. You can now import geometry from many different CAD formats. (video: 1:30 min.)

Add and delete shape files. Add new shape files and delete existing shape files and separate links in one or more models.

New geometry types:

Create and edit multi-family, multi-zone, and multi-level models.

Add multi-family models for buildings.

Use multi-zone features to combine different types of land and water areas in one model.

Designate multi-family groups. You can now change the number of levels of multi-family groups to reflect the difference in the number of housing units for different types of properties.

Designate multi-level models for buildings with a variety of

System Requirements:

Mac OS:
Intel Pentium III and later
Intel Celeron and later
Intel Core 2 Duo or later
Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition and later
AMD Athlon XP and later
AMD Athlon 64 and later
AMD Opteron and later
AMD Phenom II and later
Intel Xeon E5 or later
Pentium III or later
Pentium 4 or later

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