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When the hacker says that you should use some keyloggers, he is seriously going through all the senses to get that key press recorded.

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1. [Logging] Loggers are a very interesting tool to analyze all the actions that were performed in our machine for a certain period of time. Usually, our security analysis apps are designed to perform a keystroke sniffer on our target. Instead, if the logging is turned on, all the keystrokes will be recorded and logged in a given file.

2. In case, the logging tool is not installed or not working, the method that we are using is the good old type of microstack. Open two Explorer windows and start two copies of Hackmeter under memory, one in “read/write” mode and the other in “logging” mode. Next, go to the localhost and open a hex editor, like IDA, to modify the “working.ini” of the active microstack and change the value of the “%i” parameter from “5” to “6”. That’s it. Your microstack is now “logging” the keystrokes. Make sure to change the value of the microstack to 0 at the “working.ini” and the value of the file to a new one, different than 0.

3. For a better view, you can use a tool that comes with Windows and takes a screenshot of each time you get a new keystroke. After you finish with the analysis, you can use Paint to make an image of the “logging” file.

4. Instead of using an image, you can also use a printer. Just attach a printer in your PC and change the file with an OCR app. For example, we used Tesseract for Android. To make our lives easier, we used the Tesseract OCR Python library. First, we installed it:

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